Frequently Asked Questions

We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 6 PM.  Our BBQ is sold for lunch only and is available from 11:00 when it comes off the pit until we run out, usually around 3:00.  We stay open until 6:00 so people can purchase items from our meat market.  

Our BBQ lunch is available every day until sell-out but is separate from the meat market.  In our meat market, we have high end cuts of meat available raw for people to take home and prepare themselves.  The meat market offers prime, Akaushi and Wagyu steaks as well as high end pork and poultry.  We sell a burger blend of ground meat that is ground in house and consists of brisket, chuck and trimmings from our steaks.

Creating BBQ that we can be proud of takes time.  A lot of time.  Each day after the lunch rush, we start trimming briskets for the next day.  We put the briskets, beef ribs and pork shoulders on the smoker every evening and they cook for at least 15 hours.  The sausage, turkey, chicken and ribs go on the pit early every morning to be ready at opening.  The point behind putting all this labor into the meat we prepare for you is for it to be at its peak quality when we serve you.  The BBQ will never be any better than it is straight off the pit and loses quality every hour it sits in the warmer.  If we still have BBQ left over at supper time after it has been in the warmer all day, it is no longer the type of BBQ we want The Shed name on.  We are in business to offer you a consistent quality product and believe what we are doing currently is the only way we can do that.

No.  During our lunch rush, it is nearly impossible for our meat cutter staff to set aside meat for all the to go orders we get and still serve those who show up and wait in line quickly and effectively.  That adds complication, makes our whole process slower, and is unfair to those who wait in line for quality BBQ- we can’t in good conscience tell those who have waited in line that we are sold out with reserved food sitting in the warmer. 

The process in our line might at times be a little bit slower than what some expect but well worth any wait.  We never cut any of the meat until it is ordered for it to be as moist and tender as possible when it gets to you.  Everything we do here is about having a high quality product and experience.  We also ask a few extra questions at the register to ensure that you get a cut of meat you will enjoy.  We will ask you if you prefer moist (more fat) or lean brisket and take time to answer numerous questions about what that question means and what ingredients are in our sides.  Every customer gets our undivided attention.  We also offer free beer to make the wait a little more enjoyable.  

We did only catering for many years but it is much harder to juggle catering with having a full time restaurant. We do cater but since we have a very small staff in this mom & pop shop, we have had to limit our events.  We have a minimum for on-site catering. Please e-mail or call us to discuss the minimum for your event.  However, we are able to prepare large quantities here at the restaurant for pick-up and the pricing is usually significantly lower that way.  Depending on our schedule, we might be able to drop off the food for people to then set up and serve on their own.  Call 325-692-SHED or fill out this form for catering inquiries.

Yes!  We have whole briskets, turkey breasts and racks of ribs that are vacuum sealed and frozen.  We offer these at a discounted rate.  They are located in our two door freezer near the meat market and can be purchased every day, without standing in line, at the meat market register.  We also are able to sell raw whole briskets, racks of ribeye and turkey breasts through our meat market.  Also, any different cut of meat that you would like to purchase and cook can be custom ordered through the meat market.  

Our dining room space can be rented out during off hours, depending on our schedule.  Our seating capacity is around 40-60 people, depending on how close people want to sit at our long wooden tables.  Call for room rental rates.  

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