The Shed originated in Wingate, TX in 1989 when Hollis and Betty Dean grew their catering business into a restaurant. Over the years, their grandson, Byron watched and learned the business from dishwasher to pit master to manager. When they started dating in 1997, his then girlfriend now wife, Stacie joined the team as a waitress and hostess. Byron and Stacie married in 1999 and stayed full time at The Shed until 2002 when they moved to Abilene.
When Hollis and Betty closed The Shed in Wingate around 2005, Byron and Stacie took over catering from them and continued to cater in addition to their full time jobs. Byron had a dirt work construction business and Stacie was a nurse. When catering grew to a point that it was impossible to keep up with in addition to their other jobs, a big decision had to be made. Byron and Stacie took a leap of faith and opened The Shed Market in 2018.
Since then, The Shed has grown into something that Byron and Stacie never could have anticipated. The love and support they have been shown by Abilene and surrounding area residents has blown them away. Many customers tell them stories about when they used to drive to Wingate to eat in the 80s and 90s, and many others have never heard of The Shed in Wingate and are brand new fans. When they are not at the restaurant or catering, Byron and Stacie love to spend time at the 200 acre family farm in Wingate (the site of the original Shed) where they raise their Hereford cattle.
Byron and Stacie also enjoy cooking out at home with their family and friends. Their daughter, Taylor is 21 and their son, Brock is 16. The family attends Beltway Park Church and gives full credit for the success of their marriage, family and business to God and to the people He has placed in their life who have shown Byron and Stacie the love of Jesus. They know the life they have now would not be possible if they had not given everything to God and allowed Him to be in control. It is Byron and Stacie’s goal to pass on the love they have been shown to everyone who comes through the restaurant. Their hope is that people leave The Shed feeling seen and appreciated. If The Shed were to have a business model, it could be summed up by John 21:17. “Jesus said, ‘Do you love me?… Then feed my sheep.”
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